Kazumasa Takeuchi (Tokyo Tech)
Thur, Feb 11

The (1+1)-dimensional KPZ class is now deeply understood as far as fluctuation properties "in space" are concerned, but far less is known about their time correlation properties. Here I talk about my experimental approach to KPZ using liquid-crystal turbulence [1], with major emphasis on its time correlation properties. I will show in particular a curious relationship with the notion called "weak ergodicity breaking" and that some of the time correlation properties are reproduced well by a prototypical model in this context [2]. I will also compare the experimental results with the very recent theory by Ferrari and Spohn on the two-time correlation [3].

[1] K. A. Takeuchi and M. Sano, J. Stat. Phys. 147, 853 (2012).
[2] K. A. Takeuchi and T. Akimoto, arXiv:1509.03082 (2015).
[3] P. L. Ferrari and H. Spohn, arXiv:1602.00486 (2016).