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Elisabeth Agoritsas

Postdoc at the University Grenoble Alpes (France), in the group of Statistical Physics and Modelisation at the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Physics, with Prof. Jean-Louis Barrat.
Research interests: statistical physics of disordered elastic systems; 1+1 directed polymer and KPZ universality class; soft matter physics of amorphous materials and plasticity in sheared systems.

Thomas Alberts


Nicolas Allegra


Severine Atis

Experimental physicist.
Interests in: growth phenomena, disordered media, chaotic flows, internal waves and biophysics.
Now postdoc with David Nelson in Harvard.

Jinho Baik


Yuri Bakhtin


Guillaume Barraquand


Eli Ben-Naim


Bjorn Birnir


Immanuel Bloch


Alexei Borodin


Xiangyu Cao

Ph.D. student at Université Paris-Sud. Interests: non-equilibrium growth, disordered systems.

Eric Cator


Jean-Sébastien Caux


Sherry Chu


Francis Comets

is a professor of mathematics in Paris Diderot university. He studies stochastic processes in disordered medium with probabilistic techniques. In particular, he works on localization of polymer paths in random environment. webpage

Eric Corwin


Ivan Corwin

is one of the coordinators of this program. He is a professor of mathematics at Columbia university and works on many aspects of KPZ including the integrable systems side and stochastic PDE side.

Karin Dahmen

Research interests: statistical physics, nonequilibrium dynamical systems with disorder, systems with avalanches, friction, plasticity and earthquakes, neuron firing avalanches in the brain, spreading populations in disordered environments, superconductors, etc.

Jan De Gier


Andrea De Luca


Jacopo De Nardis


David Dean


Amir Dembo


Abhishek Dhar


Philippe Di Francesco


Evgeni Dimitrov

Victor Dotsenko


Patrik Ferrari


Fabio Franchini

is a statistical physicist, interested in strongly interacting systems, using tools from integrability. He has worked on entanglement, 1D out-of-equilibrium physics using hydrodynamics, and on the application of random matrix theory to localization problems, through the role of the eigenvectors of invariant models.

Tadahisa Funaki


Cristian Giardina


Timothy Halpin-Healy


Alan Hammond


Florian Hebenstreit

is an Alexander-von-Humboldt research fellow at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Heidelberg University, working on fermion production in gauge theories. (webpage)

Greg Huber

is a Deputy Director at KITP and in the Department of Physics at UCSB.

Takashi Imamura


Kurt Johansson


Mehran Kardar


Makoto Katori


Rinat Kedem


Konstantin Khanin


Davar Khoshnevisan

is a professor of Mathematics at the University of Utah, and works in stochastic PDEs and stochastic analysis, as well as the geometric measure theory of random fractals. Webpage

Márton Kormos


Kasia Krajewska

is at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Warsaw, Poland, working on strong-field QED processes.

Jeffrey Kuan

is a postdoc in the Math department at Columbia University. His research interests are in representation theory and its applications to mathematical physics and probability. Webpage here

Austen Lamacraft


Michael Laskin


Pierre Le Doussal


Vivien Lecomte

from LPMA, Paris diderot ; Homepage ;
Interested in disordered systems, large deviations, population dynamics, non-equilibrium stochastic processes, the power of scaling, the universality of KPZ, unexpected mappings.

Zhipeng Liu


Satyanarayan Majumdar


Kirone Mallick


Christian Mendl


Miguel Ortuño


Greta Panova


Dian Peng

is at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a graduate student of Professor Starace's group.

Liang-You Peng

is from the School of Physics, Peking University, Beijing, China. His research interest focuses on dynamics of few-electron atomic and molecular systems, triggered and/or probed by attosecond and/or femtosecond pulses. Research Group Website

Leonid Petrov

is at the University of Virginia, working in integrable probability

Leandro Pimentel


Alexander Povolotsky


Jeremy Quastel

(01/19-01/29, 02/29-03/11)

Alberto Rosso


Axel Saenz

Makiko Sasada


Tomohiro Sasamoto


Gregory Schehr


Timo Seppalainen

Probabilist in the math department at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Worked on large deviation theory, interacting particle systems and various random media models such as random walk in random environment, directed percolation and directed polymers.

Didina Serban


Shuhei Sonoda


Herbert Spohn


Kazumasa Takeuchi

(02/04-02/13, 02/24-03/11)

Lei-Han Tang


Thimothée Thiery

Physicist, Ph.D. student with Pierre Le Doussal at the LPT-ENS in Paris.
Interests: disordered elastic systems: avalanches, directed polymer

John Toner

Craig Tracy


Li-Cheng Tsai

is a KITP graduate fellow and a Ph.D. student at Stanford University in Mathematics. He works on the large-scale behaviors of interacting particle systems. (webpage)

Pierre van Moerbeke


Jonathan Warren


Paul Wiegmann

(01/04-02/19, 03/07-04/01)

Kay Wiese


Michael Wilkinson


Le Yan


Emil Yuzbashyan